Governance Indicators

Attempts to quantify governance have grown in scale and scope as well as sophistication, and an impressive array of indicators and measures have become available (some of which are listed under Other Governance & Prosperity Measures). While we recognise the significant gains made in the brief history of governance indicators, we nonetheless see important limitations in available indicators and their approach to measuring governance.

Our aim is to build a new generation of governance indicators that take seriously the multi-level and multi-actor nature of governance in a globalised world, that are grounded in conceptual models, and that stay close to the governance problématiques of our times. In doing so, we draw on many existing databases that contain relevant information and generate new indicators that complement these or shed light on other aspects of governance, e.g., coordination capacity within public administration, treaty ratification, etc. The information is presented in the form of dashboards—tailored to the themes of each year’s Report—that acknowledge the inherent multi-dimensionality of the broad phenomenon of governance and allow for analysis of myriad governance-related questions and theory-testing, across various levels of governance and actors.

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