Governance Challenges

Good governance means addressing public concerns and collective problems—whether related to education or global health, or national security or infrastructure policies, among other areas—effectively, efficiently, and equitably. But how can we make sense of governance in a world that is changing rapidly, increasingly complex and unpredictable? What conditions frame the context for governance efforts?

Each year, the Governance Report series addresses a pressing policy-related issue that involves a myriad of challenges to good governance, such as multiple actors and conflicting objectives, or spillovers into additional issue areas or jurisdictions. The Governance Report introduces these challenges to policy-makers and practitioners, while the Edited Volumes provide more extensive analyses from commissioned academic experts.

  • In The Governance Report 2015, we explored changes in European Union governance since the onset of the eurozone crisis and introduced the concept of exploratory governance. We examined the challenges of economic governance in the economic and monetary union, institutional dilemmas as  result of new modes of decision-making, and the effects of crisis management on EU legitimacy.

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