About the Governance Report

Published annually by Oxford University Press since 2013, The Governance Report series presents cutting-edge scholarship on the changing conditions and nature of public policy-making.

Each year, a different governance-related topic is addressed in two separate publications: the Governance Report, geared primarily toward the practitioner audience, and the Edited Volume, which expands on the issues raised in the Compact Report. Both publications cover conceptual issues, examine governance challenges and solutions, address innovations from around the world, and develop indicators to illustrate and inform the debate.

The conditions of public policy-making and governance have been changing rapidly as a result of a greater openness of borders and growing cross-border economic activity, deepening interdependence and more competition among states, increased public-private partnering, the strengthened role of civil society, and major shifts in global power relations.

The Governance Report's authors use policy challenges as a lens through which to explore how different actors have adjusted and could adjust in the future to these and more challenges. Questions such as these lie at the centre of the Report:

  • What are current and emerging governance problems? Which policy fields are well managed, which are struggling, and which are threatening to become ungovernable?
  • What new thinking, capacities, and institutions might be required to improve governance of certain issues?
  • How have different actors adjusted to the evolving conditions of public policy-making? How successful have their adjustments been?
  • Where are governance innovations taking place? What are existing barriers or drivers, institutional or otherwise, regarding innovation? What new approaches to policy-making hold promise for others?
  • How can we measure the performance of governance structures? And how can we improve our understanding of governance in an evidence-based way?

The Governance Report and the companion edited volume are available through Oxford University Press and in bookshops.

The Governance Report

The Governance Report is especially targetted to policy-makers and practitioners. Academics, researchers, and practitioners provide crucial highlights from work on a different focal topic each year. Various concepts, cases, innovations, and indicators are addressed.

The Edited Volume

The companion edited volume provides deeper analyses of and additional background on the year's topic. Authors from the compact report are joined by commissioned experts from academic institutions from around the world.

  • The Governance of Infrastructure (forthcoming)

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